Warranty Policy

Last updated July 22, 2022

GOROWINGO warranty

A full refund guarantee can be made within 30 days from the date of purchase. We provide one year for the maintenance warranty.

The warranty is provided to the initial retail purchaser of any GOROWINGO products. For the warranty period described below, GOROWINGO warrants that the products will be free from defects in material and workmanship when used as intended and properly maintained.

One year limited warranty

The warranty period for all coverage begins from the date of purchase and will remain in place for a period of One year.

GOROWINGO is committed to quality. Each GOROWINGO device is rigorously tested for quality and performance. Our limited, 1-year warranty covers defects in the materials and workmanship of your device.

What is not coverd by this limited warranty

The one year limited warranty is valid for you alone, the original purchaser, and cannot be transferred. This limited warranty does not cover below:

  • Damage, defects
  • Failure caused by abuse or misuse
  • Improper care, impact or insertion of foreign objects
  • Vandalism, improper storage, improper
  • Incorrectly performed maintenance or repair
  • Application of harmful chemicals
  • Acts of God, fire, water, abrasives, negligence
  • Failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions, loss of the device
  • Normal wear and tear, alteration, overuse
  • Professional use, commercial use.

How long does this limited warranty last

One year from the date of purchase, the limited warranty expires.

How to start a warranty claim

To get a Warranty claim started:

  1. Contact us: Leave messages to us. There, you’ll find specific instructions about how to begin a Warranty claim. Please have your order number, the Product serial number, and your proof of purchase handy.
  2. Take photos or a video for your Product: Before you ship your product back to us for a Warranty claim, try to leave some evidence for yourself to prove your device is okay before you sent it back. (including photos or videos)
  3. Prepare your Product for Shipment: Pack your product in the shipping materials (e.g., a shipping box or shipping label) we provide you to deliver your product back to us. Once we receive your product, we’ll determine if it has a defect or malfunction covered by our warranty.

If your product conforms to our warranty policy. We repair or replace a new one for you and that is free.

Your rights

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights based on your jurisdiction. This warranty does not affect the rights you’re provided by your jurisdiction concerning the sale of consumer goods.