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For instruction how to use our rower machine, please check our rowing basic




GoRowinGo water rowing machine parts
A - Rails x2
J5mm Allen Key x1
BTank Assembly x1
K13mm Wrench x1
CSeat x1
LM8 Washer x16
DSupport Plate x1
MM8 Nut x8
EFootboard x1
NM8 Nylock Nut x8
FSiphon Pump x1
OM8x45 Bolt x8
GUser Manual x1
PHandle Rests x2
HTransport Wheel x2
QM6x65 Bolt x2


STEP 1: Assemble Rails and Support Plate 

STEP 2: Install Seat


STEP 3: Install Footboard and Position Water Tank Assembly



STEP 4: Secure Water Tank Assembly


STEP 5: Attach Wheels and Hook Up Bungee Cord


Your rowing machine is now ready for use!




To fill the tank, follow the steps below. We recommend placing a towel or rag under the tank when filling in case of a spill

  1. Charge the electric siphon pump using the included USB cable
  2. Remove the Fill Plug from the top of the tank
  3. Fill a large bucket or similar container with water*
  4. Position the rigid hose of the siphon pump in the bucket and the flexible hose in the tank as shown
  5. Press the button on the siphon pump to begin filling and use the sticker on the side of the tank to monitor the water level. Do not fill past the line on the water level gauge
  6. Once at the desired water level, press the button on the siphon pump again to stop filling
  7. Remove the pump from the tank and replace the Fill Plug
  8. If water needs to be removed from the tank, repeat this process with the rigid hose of the siphon pump in the tank and the flexible hose into the bucket

*To extend the life of your rower, we recommend using distilled water, which should be available at your local grocery store. If distilled water is not available place the included water purification tablet in the tank after filling. Place a new purification tablet in the tank approximately every six months or if discoloration of the water occurs.



Please follow the below precautions to ensure your safety and extend the service life of your rower

1. Inspect the bungee cord
Pull the bungee cord to make sure it is secure. If it is loose, detach the hook, tighten the bungee cord, and reattach the hook. Repeat this check every time before using your rower.
2. Inspect the rails and belt
Check the rails and seat wheels for dirt of debris. Remove any foreign objects to prevent damage to the surface. Repeat this check weekly. Check that there is no dust build up on the belt and the belt clutch mechanism. Dust can be removed by using a vacuum cleaner.
3. Check fasteners

Check if any of the screws and fasteners are loose. If loose, please re-tighten the screws. Perform this check approximately 1 month after assembly and repeat after every 12 months.

4. Clean and polish your rower
Clean the wheels and rails weekly with a damp soft cloth.

 Optional: the rower frame can be polished with any high grade furniture polish as needed to enhance appearance.



When stored upright, place rower in a secure location against a wall. Water does not need to be drained before storing the rower.

Rower Placement

Place rower on a flat, level surface. Make sure the rower has at least 16 inches (40 cm) of space behind it and on each side.



The footrests are designed to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes and feature 6 levels of adjustment. Position the footrest so that the foot sits with the footstrap at the ball of the foot, right below the toes.

To adjust footrest, lift the top of the sliding portion off of the mounting peg and move up or down as needed. Push down firmly to lock the footrest onto the mounting peg. Repeat for the other side.

Warning: never operate this rower without properly securing the footrest to the footboard using the mounting pegs, or without making sure the footstraps are secure around your feet.



Rowing is an endurance exercise and requires your arms, legs, and core to work together to create a smooth, repeating motion. Proper rowing technique and finding a sustainable rhythm are key to getting the most out of your rower.

Hold the handle with your thumbs pointing down, keeping your arms at shoulder width.
Start in the catch position with your knees bent, back straight, and torso angled forward comfortably.
Use your legs to drive the first part of the stroke. Keep your arms straight and swing your torso back slightly at the end of the drive. Do not overextend your knees.
After swinging your torso back, finish your stroke by bringing the handle up to your lower ribs.
Recover by straightening your arms, tipping your upper body forward, and then using your legs to return to the catch position.




Install 2 AA batteries (not included) in the monitor.

Monitor Display

Monitor Keys




The monitor supports 3 operating modes and a standby mode. Standby mode is indicated by the monitor scrolling through all available modes and information displays at 1-second intervals.

MANUAL: The default mode, MANUAL mode starts automatically and tracks your metrics allowing you to set your own pace.

INTERVAL: Interval mode can be used for interval training, which utilizes periods of high-intensity rowing followed by (typically shorter) periods of rest. An interval workout is complete when a set number of workout-rest periods are completed.

Interval training may allow aerobic capacity to be improved and calories to be burned at a faster rate compared to steady exercise. Use your individual fitness goals and the advice of your healthcare professional to decide if interval training is right for you.

TARGET: Target mode allows you to set a goal in either workout time, distance rowed, number of rowing strokes, or calories burned. The monitor will then count down the selected metric. A target workout is complete when the selected goal is reached.


Starting a workout in MANUAL mode

A workout in MANUAL mode can be started in one of two ways:

  1. Pull the rower handle to start a workout in the default (MANUAL) mode
  2. Press any key on the monitor to start the monitor in Standby mode, then press the MODE key to enter the mode selection menu and the SET key until you see “MANUAL” blink at the top of the screen. Press the MODE key again to start a workout in MANUAL mode.


Starting a workout in INTERVAL mode

Press any key on the monitor to start the monitor in Standby mode, then press the MODE key to enter the mode selection menu and the SET key until you see “INTERVAL” blink at the top of the screen. Press the MODE key again to select INTERVAL mode, then press the SET key to select your desired type of interval training:

10/20: 8 interval periods of 10 seconds of rowing activity, each followed by 20 seconds of rest.

20/10: 8 interval periods of 20 seconds of rowing activity, each followed by 10 seconds of rest.

CUSTOM: Custom interval mode lets you set your own number of interval periods and the workout/rest times for each interval. After selecting this mode, use the SET key to set and MODE key to select the values for ROUND (number of periods in your custom interval workout), WORK (length of each workout period) and REST (length of each rest period).

After starting your interval workout, row when the display shows “WORK” and rest when the display shows “REST”. The top of the display will count down the number periods remaining in your workout.


Starting a workout in TARGET mode

Press any key on the monitor to start the monitor in Standby mode, then press the MODE key to enter the mode selection menu and the SET key until you see “TARGET” blink at the top of the screen. Press the MODE key again to select TARGET mode, then use the SET key to select which workout metric you would like to target and the MODE key to confirm.

The available target metrics are: TIME, STROKES, CALORIES, and DISTANCE. After selecting your target metric, use the SET key to select your target value and the MODE key to confirm and begin your workout. The monitor display will then count down your target metric.


Pausing a workout

To pause a workout, press the MODE key. To resume, press the MODE key again.

Note: allowing 4 minutes to elapse without any rowing activity or button presses will exit the workout and enter standby mode.


Exiting a workout

To exit a workout and enter standby mode either:

  1. Press the MODE key to pause the workout, then press the RESET key
  2. Allow 4 minutes to elapse without any rowing activity or button presses



  • Always consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen. The general information contained in this manual is supplied for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise program.
  • Excessive exercise can cause severe health problems and can even be fatal in some cases. If you feel any pain or dizziness during exercise, stop exercising immediately.



  • This rower is not a toy. Keep hands and fingers away from all moving parts.
  • Do not touch the sliding belt while the machine is in use. Do not put your
  • fingers into the belt hinge.
  • Keep children and animals away from this device at all times, especially
  • while in use.
  • Do not operate rower near flammable gasses, aerosols, or pure oxygen.
  • Maximum weight of user: 450lb (204 kg)
  • Adjust the foot rests for each user following the recommendations in this
  • user manual
  • Always follow the correct rowing technique suggested in this user manual.
  • Wear suitable clothing and sneakers while using the rowing machine. Avoid
  • wearing loose clothing that may get caught in the machine. Do not use the
  • machine barefoot or in socks or slippers.



If you have any questions about assembly, maintenance, operation, or any other aspect of this rower, please visit or contact us at