Tabata Rowing Tutorial

On this page, we introduce a popular way to exercise with a water rowing machine. Hope it can light your idea up to create a workout routine that sticks for you.

Tabata rowing

With short, but challenging workouts, high-intensity interval training (HIT) improved both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

This exercise can be performed on any rower. It's a great way to increase cardiovascular performance in a short period of time with Tabata high-intensity interval training. Warm up with a short row before starting the eight, 20-second high-intensity intervals. We demonstrate how to use the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine in the video below.

5 Steps as a set

  1. Warm up with a moderate-intensity row: Warm your body up first. Prepare your body for training by getting it in the right state.
  2. Row at maximum output for 20 seconds: During this time, your body should be able to glide at the fastest speed possible for 20 seconds, holding for 20 seconds.
  3. Rest for 10 seconds: Let your body breathe for 10 seconds.
  4. Repeat this sequence: You should repeat the above combination until you feel you need to rest, please do it gradually.
  5. Cool down: Allow yourself a complete rest before starting again


  • Excessive exercise can even be fatal if consumed suddenly. Taking it step by step. If you feel any pain or dizziness during exercise, stop exercising.

Tutorial Video

This is GoRowinGo official tabata rowing workout video. Watch this video to learn more tips. Full video can visit our official channel.