Pre Order

To protect the environment, we want to change the way that we offer WaterRowers. We reduce stockpiles to make sure we don't have a chance to waste. We look for a new angle. Moderation is better.

Pre-order Plan

Classic rowing machine is one of our favorite equipments. It always gets inquired about, so we host it.

A WaterRower Story

Make a rowing machine journal for customers. You are not only buying a water rower but also joining its journey. We update the process once every two weeks until it is shipped to the warehouse.


It usually takes three months to make your classic water rowing machine. The estimated shipping time is in November or later. We refund all money to you, if you cancel the order in 3 days. If you don’t, we only refund your particular money. We will keep the material cost. We will let you know how much we cost for the material. We usually order material after receiving an order on the fourth day. Let's protect the environment together. Waste not, want not.

As a Xmas Gift

We run a pre-order campaign to assist our customers who want a healthy gift, but have patience to wait.

Good for environment

Everything will be predictable. We don't need to worry about over restock. Don't worry about produce too much items.

Good price

Thank you for giving us more patience to produce your WaterRower. Offer you the best price is the most important thing we can do for you.

Good gift

There is a growing trend for home fitness. In our opinions, the point of the gift is to make a health wish for your friends and family.