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We usually spend 5-7 days on delivery.

Total delivery time = Heading Time(2-3 business days) + Transit Time(3-4 business days). The processing time varies based on the items you buy.

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You can only change the shipping address while your order is still in production.

Contact us to send the correct shipping address. Our representatives will help you with that. Once your order has been shipped, we cannot change the delivery address nor delivery options.

It is only possible to make a change to your order within 2 hours of placing it and if the order has not been processed. We process orders very quickly, so changes and cancellations cannot always be fulfilled. You must immediately Contact our Customer Care team(within 1 day) with your change/ cancellation request details included.

FedEx and UPS are our shipping partners and help us to deliver goods to you. You can check the logistics information here when a shipment starts:




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Warranty & Refund

We are committed to providing quality products to our customers. If you receive products from GoRowinGo.com that do not meet your expectations, simply return the gently used products within 30 days of receipt.

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One Year limited warranty. A full refund guarantee can be made within 30 days from the date of purchase. We provide one year for the maintenance warranty.

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Follow four steps below:

* Add your favorite item(s) into your shopping cart

*Click the shopping cart icon.
*Review your order and click the checkout button.

* Confirm your shipping details and payment method, and click complete order.

After receiving your payment, we will begin to prepare your items at once. The tracking number and link will be sent to your registered email address after your items are shipped out.

Paying with a Credit card for now. With a Credit card(Visa, Master, etc.), you can send payments quickly and securely online.

Paypal payment is on the way. We will launch it this year.

I am sorry to say we cannot accept this cash on delivery. We really appreciate that you buy items from GoRowinGo, and we provide customers with payment methods such as credit card/ debit card.


Fully assembling the tower takes about 30 minutes. The machine comes with all the necessary tools.

Visit Assemble Tutorial to know more.

If you use distilled water, there’s no need to change the water at all. Distilled water is available at most grocery stores and it takes about 4 gallons of water to fill the rower.

If you do not have access to distilled water, we include purification tablets in the package that allow you to use regular water.

Visit User manual to know more.

In general, rowing burns between 10 and 12 calories per minute. In 5 minutes, a 180lb person will burn 50 calories, while a 130lb person will burn 36 calories.

A thirty-minute rowing session at a moderate intensity can burn up to 294 calories.

The GorwinGo rower is near-silent and great for apartment living, close living spaces, and families who worry about disturbing young children.

The only sound that is produced comes from the water moving in the basin, a sound that many members call out as ‘meditative’ or as a favorite aspect of the Regatta experience.

The rower can be used outdoors but is best stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight. An enclosed porch or deck is fine as long as the tower remains dry.

It varies from person to person, but most people start seeing results within 14 days of rowing three to four days per week.

Effects can be amplified by combining rowing with resistance training, even if it's just bodyweight movements.

Exercises like push-ups, lunges, squats, and core work make excellent additions to a steady rowing regimen.