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It is shipped partially disassembled in two boxes, and requires some basic assembly.

It takes about 30 minutes to fully assemble the rower. All of the necessary tools come with the machine. Everything you need to assemble and start using your water rower is included, even the tools.

The rower can be used outdoors but is best stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight. An enclosed porch or deck is fine as long as the rower remains dry.

You can lower resistance by removing water from the reservoir and increase resistance by adding water (up to marked maximum water level). Included battery-powered pump makes it easy to adjust resistance by adding or removing water so you can maximize the benefits of rowing.

A battery-powered pump is provided with the rower. It takes about 4 gallons of water to fill the roewer to the maximum level line.

If you use distilled water, there’s no need to change the water at all. Distilled water is available at most grocery stores and it takes about 4 gallons of water to fill the rower. If you do not have access to distilled water, we include purification tablets in the package that allow you to use regular water. Consult the user manual for more information.

Water does not need to be drained for storage.

The weight limit is 450 lbs (204 kg). There is no set height limit, but if you are taller than 6’2“, you won’t be able to fully extend your legs.

It is important to ensure that there is no dust build up in the clutch and belt mechanism between the top and bottom decks. Dust can be removed by using a vacuum cleaner. The surface of the seat rails must also be kept clean to prevent damage to the wheels. We recommend wiping the rails down weekly with a damp cloth.

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The length of your rowing workout will be impacted by your fitness goals, the time frame you set to achieve those goals, and your current fitness level.  A short rowing workout might last 10-15 minutes from start to finish.  A longer rowing workout could last 45+ minutes. 

Rowing workout time can also be influenced by:

·Time available to exercise
·The intensity of the workout (aerobic or anaerobic)
·Cardiovascular benefits that you desire
·Caloric goals for the workout

If your primary goal for rowing is weight loss, you'll want to maximize the calories burned during each session. It's important to note that exercise is not the only component that goes into successful weight loss. Nutrition and attention to calories in and calories out is crucial. Rowing can accelerate how fast you lose weight since it's an incredible way to burn calories.

Rowing is versatile because you can train long and slow aerobic efforts or speed up the pace and engage in high-intensity anaerobic intervals.

The benefits of rowing are numerous. Here are some notables:

· Accelerate weight loss
· Time-efficient and effective workouts
· Superior training effect to ellipticals and treadmills
· Activity for the entire body
· Potent training effect for cardiovascular and lungs
· A unique strength training component
· Low-impact exercise
· Simple learning curve

The body will lose fat uniformly with a commitment to adequate exercise, resistance training, and a caloric deficit.  Rowing happens to be one of the most potent forms of exercise, combining the benefits of cardio and strength training for a total body workout. Factoring in the number of muscles worked and caloric expenditure, rowing is one of the best physical activities for burning unwanted fat around the belly.

Running is a fantastic calorie-burning and cardiovascular-building activity. The problem is, 50% of runners suffer injuries each year, mainly due to its high-impact nature. Injury is undesirable with exercise, as it will sideline you from staying active.

On the other hand, rowing does a great job limiting the jarring to the joints without diminishing the overall training effect. Since rowing is performed seated, the lower extremities are spared from ground force impact.

Yes, rowing is a great activity to help accelerate weight loss.  Rowing is a total body workout that challenges the entire body and burns many calories in the process. Weight loss requires a caloric deficit, somewhere around 500cal per day, to help achieve steady and manageable weight loss. The calories burned from rowing will contribute to getting into a caloric deficit and build muscle.  

The rowing stroke is essentially a horizontal deadlift that activates 86% of the muscles in the body, including the abdominals.  The abdominals serve as a conduit to transfer power from the legs to the upper body. Rowing works the abdominals aggressively on every stroke.  Couple the muscle activation with the repetitive nature of rowing, and the abdominals will get a great workout.

On average, rowing will burn anywhere from 10 to 12 calories per minute.  If it takes 5 minutes to row 1000 meters, a 180lb person can expect to burn 50 calories, while a 130lb person will burn roughly 36 calories.  A thirty-minute rowing session at a moderate intensity can burn up to 294 calories

Results will vary from person to person, but assuming you’re rowing consistently 3-4 days per week, most people start seeing results in as little as 14 days. Effects can be amplified by combining rowing with resistance training, even if it's just bodyweight movements.  Exercises like push-ups, lunges, squats, and core work make excellent additions to a steady rowing regimen. 

You should set the resistance level according to your fitness level and goals for the workout. If the resistance is too high, you’ll exhaust the muscles too quickly and won't be able to sustain a more prolonged exercise. In general, many people make the mistake of having the resistance setting too high while rowing. Start your rowing journey with lighter resistance, hone in on stroke technique, and make subtle adjustments to your goals moving forward.

Though it may vary, consuming high-energy and carbohydrate foods pre-workout will support intense efforts and extended rowing training.  Post-workout, it’s critical to replenish fluids lost to sweat, along with carbohydrates and protein to prepare for the next workout.

For people with sensitive knees, rowing is an excellent choice because it’s low impact. The knees can flex and extend through a gentle range of motion and are spared from virtually all impact during exercise.  Many who experience pain while running find rowing the perfect alternative—no compromise in training effect.   

The best rowing machine is the one that fits your current living space, has the features and functions to help track workouts and metrics, provides comfort during
more extended efforts while keeping noise to a minimum.

GoRowinGo's innovative water rowing machine is the best choice for engaging in at-home fitness. The price point of this rower, combined with features, functions, and durability, makes it a fantastic choice for any rowing enthusiast. The water resistance provides a smooth stroke feel and reduction in noise during exercise. GoRowinGo’s water rower is one of the most aesthetically appealing rowing machines on the market, making it a perfect fit for any living space.

Rowing 3-4 days a week will provide excellent weight loss results and improve cardiovascular performance. It's essential to separate workouts with adequate rest to allow your body a chance to recover from exercise stress.  For the less fit individual, rowing 2-3 days per week might be best. As your fitness improves, you’ll be able to add more rowing workouts each week. 

The GorwinGo rower is near-silent and great for apartment living,  close living spaces, and families who worry about disturbing young children. The only sound that is produced comes from the water moving in the basin, a sound which many members call out as ‘meditative’ or as a favorite aspect of the Ergatta experience.