Benefits and Technique of Rowing

This is an extremely popular piece of workout equipment that lives up to its hype. The WaterRower may have caught your attention from the TV show "House of Cards" or from word-of-mouth.

Basically, the WaterRower is a workout machine that works like rowing a boat in the water, as its name suggests. Currently, people are realizing the many benefits of this simple piece of equipment, which explains why it is trending.

Benefits and technique

There are 6 benefits we think are good for a WaterRower.

6 Benefits

  • Ideal for aerobic workouts: Aerobic workouts offer a variety of benefits, including increased stamina, a healthier immune system, and improved moods and sleep.
  • Weight loss that works: You can expect to burn about 600 calories per hour, which is a higher rate of a caloric burn than any other type of exercise machine. In other words, if you're looking to lose weight, a rowing machine combined with a healthy diet may be the answer.
  • Low impact: It's great when you can exercise your body without harming it or potentially adding more pain to the mix. Using rowing machines will strengthen and condition your body while putting minimal strain on your joints.
  • Works the upper body: This exercise works the rhomboids in the shoulders and the trapezius in the upper back.
  • Works the lower body: It is generally believed that rowing primarily works the lower body. Since it utilizes many of the major leg muscles, including quads, upper thighs, calves, and even glutes, it is very effective.
  • Easy to store: It will only require about two square feet of space when it is stacked upright and the tank is on the bottom. Therefore, it can be easily stored in your living room, bedroom, or closet.

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