Assemble Tutorial

We are here to help you assemble your water rowing machine. It could be easy to assemble your fitness equipment after you read our assembler tutorial.

Keeping your health goal and spending more time with family is important to you. Read our assembly introduction to learn everything you need to know about assembling.

Assemble tips

It is important to know how many materials are required for assembling a water rowing machine. And then, follow our user manual(You can download pdf version here) in your package or the Tutorial video we prepare for you.

Assemble material

GoRowinGo water rowing machine parts
A - Rails x2
J5mm Allen Key x1
BTank Assembly x1
K13mm Wrench x1
CSeat x1
LM8 Washer x16
DSupport Plate x1
MM8 Nut x8
EFootboard x1
NM8 Nylock Nut x8
FSiphon Pump x1
OM8x45 Bolt x8
GUser Manual x1
PHandle Rests x2
HTransport Wheel x2
QM6x65 Bolt x2

Need to know

  • Excessive exercise can even be fatal if consumed suddenly. Taking it step by step. If you feel any pain or dizziness during exercise, stop exercising.
  • Do not touch the sliding belt while the machine is in use. Do not put your fingers into the belt hinge.
  • If you have any questions about assembly, maintenance, operation, or any other aspect of this rower, please Contact us directly

Tutorial Video

This is GoRowinGo official assemble tutorial video. Watch this video to know how to assemble your WaterRower. More video can visit our official channel.