Why We Love Rowing Workouts

3 tips workout sets with rowing

Rowing is a lazy, traditional method for people of all fitness levels that is convenient and easy to follow. The rowing machine has the advantage of being approachable. Some reasons to have a rowing machine. Anyone can benefit from the rowing machine, whether they are beginners or experts looking to improve their performance.

Just adjust the training perimeters. Fitness levels can be accommodated by modifying intensity, duration, and rest periods. No matter how old you are, whether you are 15 or 90, there is always something to learn. Every fitness level can benefit from the rowing machine.

Actually, we love other exercises also, like jogging. We just prefer rowing workouts at all. We write the content to recommend workout suggestions.

GOROWINGO Workout Tips

Rowing Machines + Weights = Hybrid Workouts

Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and even suspension trainers integrate well with rowing machines. When added to rowing, different exercises can add a freshness to the daily routine and increase the effectiveness of the training.

In addition to the rowing machine, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises, there are hundreds of ways to organize a workout.

To make it easier for you to follow, we created some infographic workouts.

Three Steps as a Set

Version One

Training the upper body and core stability goes well with rowing.

  1. 10 Push-Ups
  2. 15 Hollow Body Rocks
  3. 250m Row

Repeat for 8-10 rounds

Upper body pushing and core stability training

Version Two

As kettlebell swings are freestanding, this circuit seamlessly transitions between swinging and rowing.

  1. 15 Kettlebell Swings
  2. 300m Row

Repeat for 8-10 rounds

The freestanding nature of kettlebell swings make for seamless transitions between swinging and rowing

Version Three

Crawling is fantastic for the upper body and reflexive core stability. Crawling pairs well with rowing.

  1. Crawl 30 yards (or 30 seconds)
  2. 500m Row

Repeat for 4-6 rounds

Crawling is fantastic for the upper body and reflexive core stability.

We hope the three-version workout sets help you to light up your exercise ideas.

The rowing machine is not only a rowing way of training. Combine the exercise tools you have, and make a new workout journey for yourself.

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