Making Rowing Workouts a Habit

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The best way to develop an exercise habit is to start with simple exercises, even if you don't have the willpower, you can't motivate yourself to exercise. There are several strategies to make it easier to maintain an rowing habit. The only way to truly make rowing a habit is to make it so easy and doable that it would be foolish not to do it.

Here are some practical suggestions we've learned along the way to help make exercise a daily habit. Download your workout by calendar.

Follow five principles to help you have a rowing habit

Step 1. Set a time

Make a decision about when you'll be more likely to stick with it - morning, noon, or evening. We have set the time to 6:00 a.m every day. Morning is the best startup of a day.

You're more likely to put it off until you have more time or energy and then put it off until tomorrow if you don't set a time. After a while, it won't seem like a habit anymore.

Step 2. Start small

Perhaps this is the most useful suggestion of all. In the beginning, we always have a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, and ambition when we begin rowing. There is more we can do than we can do. Burnout, however, can lead to quitting your habit if you do too much in the beginning.

When you first try to make exercise a daily habit, chances are, your body won’t be used to that kind of stress.

Do only 20 minutes at first, and go easy on yourself. Not hard at all. It's fine to start with 10-15 minutes if you're just getting started. It is important to get out there, get your body used to daily exercise, and create that habit.

Step 3. Make it pleasurable

It is natural to shy away from habits that are associated with pain. Having fun will make you want to do it more often. Therefore, we have been focusing on pleasure in the beginning stages of my new habit. Music on an MP3 player or cell phone is helpful.

Step 4. Have a relative rest day

Recovery is important. You should give your body a chance to rest. Rest days aren't necessary if you're taking it easy and only doing 20 minutes.

Keep your habit formation going by doing something every day, preferably something that gets you moving.

Step 5. Don’t skip a day

Consistency is key, so try not to skip a single day. It's okay to make mistakes, but don't beat yourself up, don't judge, and don't feel bad. Everyone makes mistakes, and habit formation takes practice. You can restart your 30-day challenge over again, identify what led to you skipping a day, and prepare for it this time around.

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