Best Holiday Gift Ideas for 2021 - Rower Machine

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for 2021 - Rower Machine

With the 2021 holiday season quickly approaching, brainstorming gifts for active loved ones can be exciting and challenging.  Whether these individuals prefer resistance training, cardio-focused activities, a brisk walk in the park, or meditative movement on a yoga mat, thinking up the perfect piece of fitness equipment that they’ll use frequently can be a daunting endeavor.   

One effective strategy for identifying a great fitness get this holiday season is to follow the trends.  Rowing is trending this holiday season, and quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise, with the advantage that a rower is fantastic for at-home fitness. World-class workouts without having to leave your home! 

What Should I get for Christmas 2021?

Each year, the fitness industry identifies the top trends.  Rowing has been growing in popularity for the last few years, first with brick and mortar follow-along classes and now moving into the home gym setting.  Fitness manufacturers have recognized the home gym trend and have begun offering customers high-quality rowing machines at an affordable price.  Customers with different budgets and fitness levels can now leverage rowing’s unique training stimulus that used to be exclusive to top athletes.

While you may want to get your holiday shopping done early, keep an eye out for great deals on fitness equipment during Black Friday. Black Friday is one of the best times to purchase gifts at discounted prices leading into Christmas. You'll often find high-quality fitness equipment from brand names marked down to the lowest price of the year. 

Outside of Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday presents another opportunity to grab that piece of fitness equipment that you've been eyeballing all year. Many online retailers will be slashing prices on premiere goods and services during Cyber Monday.  

The Best E-Gift Cards

E-gift cards make great gift options because they allow the recipient to choose the item they want the most.  With an E-Gift card, the pressure of feeling like you have to find the perfect gift is diminished.  The anxiety of gift giving is real, and an E-Gift card is a quick and easy solution.  

The Best Gifts (Over $500) People Bought for Themselves This Year?

Rowing machines are one of the most popular gifts over $500 in the fitness category this year for active individuals. Often, when people think of outfitting a home with fitness equipment, they envision a treadmill sitting dormant in a dark room with clothes hanging on it or a pair of rusty dumbbells in the garage.  The resale market of unused fitness equipment is massive!  

The rowing machine is a highly engaging piece of fitness equipment that's addicting to exercise and will deliver exceptional results with consistent use.  Rowing is one of the most effective exercise options for weight loss, building cardio, and improving overall health.  Rowing provides a fresh look at building fitness for anyone who has found it challenging to stick to a running regimen. 

Get Rowing Machine – Best Companion for a Family Who Loves Gyms

If you're looking to transition your workouts away from the brick and mortar gym and into the home, the rowing machine is one of the best options.  Rowing machines have a small footprint, limit the noise during exercise and can be stored vertically on end when not in use.  From a results perspective, rowing works 86% of the muscles in the body and delivers a unique training stimulus that combines strength and cardio.

Some rowers offer an aesthetically-pleasing wood construction that blends well in any room.  These next-generation rowing machines are constructed from durable high-quality materials and offer improved functionality without the traditional mechanical look so many fitness machines are known for.  A rowing machine that's constructed of wood gives a classy look to fitness equipment. Water rowing machines can complement any living space rather than being an eyesore.

Final Thoughts

With rowing's meteoric rise in popularity, gifting a rowing machine to the active loved one in your life will be a home run this holiday season.  Rowing machines deliver a whopping training effect without all of the jarring and impact to the joints.  More specifically, water rowing machines offer a smooth training experience, noise reduction, and a very realistic water swoosh on every stroke.

The home gym evolution is officially, especially coming out of the year 2020.  Improving health has never been more important, and having access to quality fitness equipment at-home increases the likelihood you won’t miss a workout to continue making progress toward fitness goals.  

If you’re interested in learning more about one of the best holiday gift ideas for 2021, check out GoRowinGo to learn more about the benefits of rowing. 

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