Before Buying a Rowing Machine

Before Buying a Rowing Machine

Buying a rowing machine for at-home use is one of the best investments you can make for your health and fitness. The rowing machine is an excellent tool for delivering a low-impact total body workout in a short amount of time. 15-20 minutes of rowing creates a great training effect mainly due to the unique combination of cardio and strength during a workout.

4 Tips Before Buying a Rowing Machine

Consider these four factors, before buying a rowing machine

  • Continually use it
  • Budget
  • Adapt your space
  • Be quiet

Continually use it

Many people buy cardio machines with great intentions, only to have workout motivation fade. You’re spending hundreds (maybe thousands) of hard-earned dollars on a piece of fitness equipment. Before swiping your credit card, decide how committed you are to staying with your fitness plan. We share our opinions to help you make a rowing habit.


We suggest you can compare with membership fee with the gym. A rowing machine is a tool to help you get healthy, we recommend you should consider features that can ensure to help you reach your healthy goal at least. This is also a GOROWINGO vision. We offer budget-friendly rowing machines and up-to-date beginner and intermediate workouts to help new rowers.

Be quiet

It is important for people with children or living in apartments to be aware of the noise made by rowing machines when they are in use. We hope you can enjoy your exercise. So, we only do water rowing machines, we prefer the sound of water. It is natural.

If you're dead-set on buying a rowing machine, we believe GOROWINGO water rower is a better choice to help you start your rowing journey. Any questions, you can feel free and let us know.

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