One of the most productive forms of exercise
Workout Routine

Rowing helps you reach your fitness goals faster, no matter what they may be. Schedule your rowing today.

Faster Burning

A workout that involves your arms, legs, and core. Burns more calories than running or spinning in an equal-length workout.

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Trick or Rowing
Opening the door and shouting Trick or Rowing
As a Habit

The low stress on joints and the ability to set your own pace make this an excellent activity. Also, we share 5 tips to help you keep rowing.

Featured Reviews

After a month of almost daily use, I am really enjoying my water rower. It definitely provides good cardio exercise while also being comfortable and not stressful. I also love that it’s almost silent besides the sound of water. I can listen to music, watch TV, or even talk on the phone and nobody knows that I’m getting a rowing machine workout at the same time.

gorowingo customer reviews - daniel
Daniel Buchanan

“If your knees can’t handle pounding the pavement anymore, try the well-designed, water-filled GoRowinGo Rower, a low-impact option for creaky joints”

gorowingo customer reviews - lori f.

This is more than just a workout! Be it the encouragement to keep going every time I row from the instructors, or that feeling of accomplishment after every row, The track is precisely leveled, the vibration is muted, silky smooth and gives you a unbelievable smooth rowing experience. The double track is more safer and stable than the single track rowing machine.

gorowingo customer reviews - sandra
Sandra J.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and got the rowing machine put together over the weekend. I was looking for a folding rowing machine but this is even easier to set up and put away - one person can do it easily. Thank you for your customer service and for assuaging my fears regarding the size of the machine. I would happily recommend your company to others!

gorowingo customer reviews - makayleigh

Five stars for service, product, and the fast (and free!) delivery. As a complete newbie, I didn't even know how to use a rowing machine and I was able to get started in about an hour. If I can do it, anyone can!

gorowingo customer reviews - robert

The rower arrived this afternoon. My husband and I set it up and have already enjoyed using it - I think this will become the one piece of exercise equipment we fight over who gets to use!

gorowingo customer reviews - lynn


In the event you may have a problem with the functioning of your GOROWINGO rower, You can Contact us and leave your messages.

We recommend changing the water in the tank once a month. It keeps the tank odor-free and clean.

The GOROWINGO rower has been designed to require little maintenance. The only regular maintenance is to keep an eye on the clarity of the water in the tank. We recommend changing the water in the tank once a month. Unlike other rowing machines, the GOROWINGO rower has no cogs and chains and so no oiling is required.

GOROWINGO rowing machines are shipped partially disassembled in two boxes for protection and require some basic assembly.